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Από: 11.10.2019

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About us

Our Philosophy 
The name ORAMIQUE was born from Alex’s Greek roots and international background. “Orama” is the Greek word for “Vision”.
We help you realise your professional and personal vision.
At Oramique, we walk the talk – we practice what we teach our clients 

-Strive for excellence as people and as professionals
-Inspire and motivate ourselves and others 
-Embrace challenges 
-Face life and work with a positive attitude 
-Overcome our fears -Care about ourselves, each other, and about our clients 
-Go the extra mile for our clients, and with our clients 
-Share our positive energy and enthusiasm 
-Live balanced lives -Love our jobs 
-Keep up our own personal and professional development 
-Live and work with joy – even on the tough days 
-Share all this with you 

A Team’s Greatness Depends on Emotion, Passion and Motivation 

The Unique ORAMIQUE Experience 
Working with Alex Panayotou and her ORAMIQUE team is all about Energy, Excellence, Achievement, Empowerment, Motivation, Results, Balance, Sustainability, and Fun. These ingredients are vital to us all if we are to achieve and maintain our top performance, and live balanced, happy and fulfilled lives.

We provide unique bespoke corporate and personal development programs that stand out both in their content and execution, as well as in the positive energy and motivation, and long-term tangible results that are achieved.

The personal touch 
We are a hands-on, positive, and totally committed, team. We tailor our programs to the needs of each person, regardless of whether they are part of a corporate team, or an individual seeking personal and professional mentoring. 

Across and beyond the finish line 
At ORAMIQUE we offer you more than just theory. We go the distance with you from the start. First step: working with you on setting goals, and gaining clarity of your situation and needs. The next steps: we support you in your development, as well as that of your team and even your business. We take you to the finish line, and then we go beyond, offering the necessary follow-ups that will ensure long-term sustainable results. 

Meet Alex 
Executive & Personal Mentor, Keynote/Motivational Speaker, renowned Extreme Endurance Runner 

Alex Panayotou brings out the best in people. She inspires those around her to reach their full potential. She built her business from the ground up over eight years. Its development and success led her to create ORAMIQUE in 2017. 

Alex is a changer of lives. She has created a series of corporate and personal development programs that achieve long-term sustainable results. A specialist in executive and personal development, as well as burnout prevention and recovery, her method is results-based, innovative and unique. Alex’s work with senior executive teams, professionals in the business and medical world, and those who find themselves at a crossroads in their professional or personal lives, has made her renowned as an expert in motivation, positive attitude, and long-term achievement. 

She stands out in her capacity to understand people, and to help them achieve their objectives. She lives what she teaches and her energy is unparalleled. 

Apart from this professional side, her athletic side is also outstanding. Alex has run more kilometres than most people have driven. She started running late at 30 years old, and quickly reached championship level. In 2004 she came 2nd in the Barcelona Marathon, 4th in the Greek Championships, and won many races before she turned to solo extreme running for charitable causes. She is one of only about 5 women in the world who have run such extreme solo challenges: Amongst her running achievements: 2010 km in 31 days & 400 km running non-stop. 

Alex Panayotou is a charismatic international motivational and TEDx Speaker, and is active around the globe. She is an example that if we approach life with a positive attitude, are willing to change and adapt our behaviour, lifestyle, and habits, we can deal with our obstacles much more effectively, achieve more of our goals, and live life to the fullest. 

Meet the Team 
The team, like Alex herself, come from a diverse background, both professionally and culturally, thus offering ORAMIQUE’s clients a complete support structure. 

Each member complements the others, bringing in their unique and valuable professional and life experience. 

Among them you can find creatives, executives, health experts, sports enthusiasts, and all that our clients need in their development to achieve their goals. 

What unites us is our passion and belief in what we do, our energy and enthusiasm, and commitment to the people and companies with whom we work.