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Educational Centre for People with Disabilities in Piraeus (PekAmeA)

Member: NGO Premium
Since: 03.02.2015

El. Venizelou 3-5, Tavros, 177 78 Athens, Greece

Social profile

The Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of People with Disabilities of Piraeus, was founded in 1996, driven by the will to meet the needs of disabled people in the wider region of Piraeus. 

For this purpose we have established, and operated since 1997, a Centre of Day Care and Creative Activities (Educational Centre for People with Disabilities in Piraeus-PEK/AmeA), where young men and women, up to 15 years of age, with Mental Retardation are cared, aiming social protection and adaptation to the society and help them develop skills useful for their autonomy, their self-service and their life, as well.

The Centre is housed, from the day of its establishment,  in a rented three stories high building. Our biggest dream, which is a real need, is to obtain our own premises, in order to fully implement the programs, and –in the future- the establishment of a modern independent living home, covering the needs of adults, when the family can not -or does not exist tο- provide lifelong protection that they need ...

Educational Centre for People with Disabilities in Piraeus-PEK/AmeA

  • Day Care and Creative Activities Centre for Adults with mental retardation, autism  and related disabilities

Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of People with Disabilities of Piraeus
  • Charitable, non-profit organization
  • Certified provider of social care 
  • Integrated into the National Register Sector for non-profit Private Institutions and the Special Register of Voluntary Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Member of the National Confederation of Disabled People (ESAmeA)
  • Member of the Panhellenic Federation of Associations of Parents and Guardians of Persons with Disabilities (POSGAmeA)

Our Services & Programs

  • Psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Psychoeducation – skills training
  • Autonomy 
  • Semi- Independent Living Skills Program “NEFELI”
  • Counseling (trainees and their families)
  • Entertainment 
  • Sports activities (organization, participation)
  • Cultural activities (organization, participation)
  • Socialization programs (museums, theaters, art galleries, etc.)
  • Soap and candle Workshops 
  • New technologies 
  • Raise of Social Awareness 
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Kitchen Program 
  • Transportation 
Scientific director

Interdisciplinary team

1 Psychologist 

2 Occupational therapists 

1 Nurse

1 Gymnast 

Social Service

2 Social Workers

Utility staff 

1 Driver +1 care giver (escort)
1 General duties

Economic Sustainability 

Goals :

  • Obtain owned premises  increase in the number of trainees  increase in revenue
  • Increase in revenue from sales of products –soap, candles (300% - 500%!)
  • Channeling the main product (soap) in the market
  • Further reducing overall operating costs, through sponsorship partnerships
Our plans :

  • Advertising campaign (TV spot) in order to raise funds for building or buying land (for construction of a building)
  • Theme bazaar and cooperation with companies and/or hotels for channeling products

Environmental Sustainability 

 Our goals : 
  • Cooperation with foreign institutions : Exchange best practices with the realization of educational programs in Greece and abroad.
  • Research : Conduct research on PekAmeA’s recognition, Corporate Social Responsibility and the connection with the main product of the workshops (soap)
  • «Let’s walk together» : Program for reducing obesity in persons with organic problems. 
  • «SWEET HOME» : Awareness campaign aimed at mobilizing funds to buy building or land
  • Recycling : Cooperation with other organizations

Social Sustainability

  • One-day Conferences for Social Awareness on Disability
  • 2nd Festival for Informing people about disability and raise Social Awareness on Disability 
  • Informing & Social Awareness Campaign 
  • «Footprint, the project» : Event for the symbolic representation of the footprint left by each individual, reflecting the social, environmental and ecological awareness of Greek society, within the framework of Sustainable Development

Provided Services & Programs

Our goals :

  • Integration of Semi-Independent Living Program “NEFELI” into the daily operation of the Center
  • Upgrade workshops
  • Create sheltered workshops
  • Premises adapted to individual needs
  • Support and cooperation with the family 
  • Organize nationwide sports activities 
Our plans :

  • Culture week
  • Sports activities
  • Workshops 
  • Educational excursions abroad