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Social Cooperative Activities for Minority Groups 'EDRA'

Social Cooperative Activities for Minority Groups 'EDRA'

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Since: 10.06.2010

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EDRA: Launch of the Capability -Tb Project

04.12.2020 Share

In November, Capability-TB Project for the Development of a Training Program has been launched for improving inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities through TimeBanking [2020-2022] have been launched.

European Union, through the co-financing of this project framed by Erasmus+ Programme gives us a new opportunity to face a new challenge to increase the skills of people with disabilities, relatives, professionals and other social actors by creating innovative solutions to discover their skills through a model based on the Sharing Economy.

Capability-TB project, coordinated by Amica (Spain) will be developed together with other leading European entities in the field of disability such as COPAVA (Spain), CECD Mira Sintra (Portugal), CSS Forlí (Italy), EDRA (Greece); experts in the Sharing economy such as FORBA(Austria); and e-learning methodology such as IED (Greece).

Capability-TB will increase opportunities for participation and inclusion of persons with disabilities and their support network through the following objectives:
  • Motivate the use of Time Bank platforms.
  • Promote self-knowledge and discovery of capabilities.
  • Increase participation in social networks structured through Time Banks.
  • Promote mutual support for the promotion of exchange between different people with different capabilities.
  • Promote the easy and cost-effective access to goods and services.
  • Promote the participation of supports through effective cooperation with persons with disabilities in Time Banks.
  • Develop general and specific digital skills related to The Time Bank online Platforms.
The first virtual meeting of the Consortium was held on 23 and 24 November of 2020. This meeting focused on the development of the following topics:
  • Presentation of partners.
  • Review of the overall scope of the project, tasks, objectives, products and responsibilities.
  • Analysis and reflection on the functioning of Time Banks and organization of the work plan for the coming months.
  • Sharing of other technical aspects relevant to the project (administrative and financial management, communication and dissemination strategy and quality and risk management of the project).
The balance of the meeting has been very satisfactory as the level of participation and collaboration on the part of the partners has been very high.

If you want to have up-to-date news about the evolution of the project, you can follow Capability-TB through the social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube Channel as well as through the social networks of each of the participating entities.

You can also contact us via the following email address: 

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Article and photo source: Press Release / Newsletter