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Member: Gold
Since: 23.01.2017

15, Lofou str, Ecali, 145 78 Attika, Greece

Corporate Profile

Founded in 1971, the Ecali club has a long history and carries a legacy which still remains strong. During the past half-century, the Ecali club remains true to its values, maintaining its leading position as the most attractive space and point of reference for its high quality services in the areas of F&B, sports, events and social & business networking. Famous personalities in Business, Academia and Culture constitute its Members list since its establishment.

The Ecali club is situated in one of the most prestigious locations of Attica covering 15,000 square meters of magnificent grounds and modern facilities, where its Members can enjoy moments of entertainment, pleasure, relaxation and recreation. It is a place where the children build lifelong bonds, share athletic experiences and moments of fun. Whatever the reason, the Ecali club offers a variety of different options to each Member and their families every season of the year. In a green oasis of natural beauty, the Ecali club offers to its Members the opportunity to choose between numerous activities matching their specific needs and unique lifestyle. They are able to train in different sports and participate in tournaments, organize their social and business events, attend and participate in lectures and presentations, enjoy a night in theatre and movies and last but not least enjoy its gourmet kitchen with dishes prepared every day from the club’s aspiring chefs. Its venues can be used for different types of meetings and activities in a secure environment of luxury and wellbeing.

A dedicated sports team of experienced coaches and fitness instructors offer their services in a variety of sports such as tennis, basketball, football, karate, yoga, pilates, running, diving, fencing, ping-pong and chess. The Ecali club Sports Hall is one of the most advanced Athletic Centres in the northern suburbs of Athens created to cover its Members’ demanding requirements. Olympic and European champions, famous athletes and skillful personal trainers are there to ensure an excellent training session and sports experience.

For those who prefer cultural activities, events such as theatre and movie nights, cultural exhibitions, lectures, fashion shows, ethnic food and wine tasting nights are organized all year long. Having hosted many high profile events in the past, the Ecali club, staying true to its legacy, still remains the best place for the organizing of events. Ecali’s natural environment defines a setting of unique beauty and the club’s state of the art facilities along with its highly trained personnel constitute the guarantee for an unforgettable social or business event. From private parties to glamorous receptions and from confidential business meetings to big corporate events the club’s expert team is there to accommodate every event, coupled with dining options from its dedicated chefs.