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Hellenic Institute of Customer Service

Member: Society Premium
Since: 23.07.2018

41,9 km, Attica Tollway, Paiania, 190 02 Attica, Greece


The Hellenic Institute of Customer Service (HICS) is a non profitable organization set up to develop and promote quality standards in the customer service sector, as well as to the Greek citizen and consumer, both in the private and public sectors.

To-date, 111 companies are members of the Institute.

HICS’s basic value is the acceptance that the creation of qualitative customer service culture produces additional value to both product and service providers and cultivates new consumer/customer attitudes. It leads the customer to further enhance, appreciate and require service at the highest possible level.

To achieve its objectives, the HICS operates in various sectors:

Cultivation and Dispersion of specific knowledge in Customer Service, through the organization of seminars, workshops and study tours, as well as being in co-operation with well known and widely accepted Academic Institutions and Business Schools for the provision of specialized educational programs in Customer Service.

Rewarding best practices, through the National Customer Service Awards and promoting exceptional practices through targeted events such as the Annual Conference Summit and daily Conferences held in Athens as well as other major Greek cities.

Development and Networking through specialized activities such as the National Customer Service Week, CEO & Customer Service Champions Breakfasts ,etc

Information/ communication by issuing Newsletter and through site