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Athenian Brewery: Heineken starts work on $100m brewery in Mozambique

05.12.2017 Share

Heineken has laid the foundation stone of its first brewery in Mozambique, having invested a total of US$100 million (€85m) in the project.

The brewery site is situated in the province of Maputo, between the Marracuene and Manhiça districts, and will have a production capacity of 0.8m hectolitres. It will brew beer for the domestic market and it is expected to produce its first batch in the first half of 2019.

Heineken set up a sales and marketing office in Mozambique in 2016, which is responsible for importing beers including Heineken, Amstel, Amstel Lite and Sagres into the country.

The brewery is expected to create a total of 200 jobs as well as providing additional “indirect jobs through its entire value chain”.

In keeping with Heineken’s goal of sourcing 60% of its agricultural raw materials in Africa by 2020, Heineken Mozambique is aiming to locally source the raw materials it requires for its beers. In so-doing, it hopes to improve crop yields as well as benefit the lives of the country’s farmers, leading to greater economic development.

Heineken also owns subsidiaries in Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In April this year, it opened Brassivoire brewery in Ivory Coast following an investment of €150 million.

AB InBev, the world’s largest brewer, produces beer brands 2M, Laurentina and Manica in Mozambique. Last month it boosted its brewing operations in Nigeria with a US$250 million new brewery and the launch of its leading brand, Budweiser, in the country.

Boudewijn Haarsma, Heineken International’s managing director east and west Africa, stated: “We are delighted to enter Mozambique, where we see promising long-term economic perspectives. The project is progressing well thanks to the support of the Mozambican Government and its commitment to bring investments into the country. Investing in a new market like Mozambique supports Heineken’s ambition to expand its footprint and be the number one or a strong number two in all markets in which it operates.

“With our extensive experience and existing business in Africa, we also aim to be a partner for growth today in Mozambique as we already are throughout the continent. I am convinced our presence will contribute to the economic and social development that is already under way in Mozambique”.

Nuno Simes, Heineken Mozambique’s general manager said: “With Heineken’s passion for quality, our new brewery will deliver high quality beers to Mozambique according to the international standards of the Heineken Company. We look forward to continue to provide enjoyment to Mozambican consumers with our brands.