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GEP: Strategic cooperation between GEP S.A. and the INSEMEX Institute of Romania

01.08.2018 Share

Memorandum of mutual cooperation and thedissemination of know-how was signed between GEP and INSEMEX of Romania, aiming at the joint participation and implementation of innovative research programs in the wider region of the eastern Mediterranean, the Balkans and Greece.

INSEMEX (the National Institute for Research and Development in Mine Safety and Protection to Explosion) is the academic organization of Romania to conduct scientific and technological research focused on ensuring the occupational health and safety in the Mining and Extraction sectors and Processing, as well as in industrial plants in general. In addition, it provides training services for assessing and managing risks from materials that can create explosive atmospheres, on the environmental protection and on the safety of mineral resources, the industrial ventilation and other related activities.

GEP on the other hand, has considerable expertise and extensive experience in providing occupational health and safety services in all sectors of the economy, and on the implementation of innovation and best practice for the protection of humans and the other production resources and the environment. GEP is distinguished for its achievements in the construction and the energy sectors, as well as in areas of high risk and need of safety, such as are the heavy industry, shipyards, steel mills and the mining and extraction industry.

Both organizations, based on the recently signed agreement at the headquarters of the Institute in Petrosani, Romania, will collaborate in the future on international projects in the mining and processing industries and generally, thus contributing decisively to the protection and prosperity of all employees, and in achieving zero number of accidents in sectors presenting very high occupational risk.