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ELEPAP-Rehabilitation for The Disabled

ELEPAP-Rehabilitation for The Disabled

Member: NGO Premium
Since: 06.07.2010
Steps forward for the Child with Disability

16, Kononos Street, GR-116 34 Pangrati, Athens, Greece

The Easter Eggs of AB Vassilopoulos are dedicated to the Brave Children of ELEPAP

06.05.2019 Share

We would like to warmly thank AB Vassilopoulos for its uninterrupted and continuous support. This Easter, AB Vassilopoulos stood by our side.
Through a creative TV spot and the “egg auction” as a concept, children participate in an “auction of love” for the Brave Children of ELEPAP. This way, AB Vassilopoulos “dedicated” its Easter Eggs to the Brave Children of ELEPAP and urged its customers to support their small or big “life steps”.
With the purchase of an Easter Egg, the customers of AB Vassilopoulos contributed 0.30€ to ELEPAP’s work, while AB doubled the amount gathered. The revenue was utilized for the fulfillment of 1.400 rehabilitation programs, for children with disabilities who make an effort, every day, to overcome their struggles.
The Easter Eggs of AB, were disposed to all of its stores, in two sizes, coming with different prices. Every size had two different children’s drawings “of great value”. The drawings of Iasonas, Mona, Konstantinos and Chryssalia, who won the Painting Competition of the Children’ s Museum of Athens, decorated this year the Easter Eggs of AB Vassilopoulos for the Brave Children of ELEPAP.
Through this Corporate Social Responsibility activity, AB Vassilopoulos stood by ELEPAP’s Brave Children.