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ELEPAP-Rehabilitation for The Disabled

ELEPAP-Rehabilitation for The Disabled

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Since: 06.07.2010
Steps forward for the Child with Disability

16, Kononos Street, GR-116 34 Pangrati, Athens, Greece

Running the London Marathon for the Brave Children of ELEPAP in Chania

22.05.2019 Share

Manolis Roditakis, run the London Marathon on the 28th of April, for the Brave Children of ELEPAP. The Greek doctor dedicated his run to ELEPAP, and invited his friends and followers to show their support, by offering their help to ELEPAP.

He mentions: «When I learned that I had secured a place in this great event, my immediate thought was to devote this effort to a good cause for our city.
ELEPAP is an amazing organization, and the branch in Chania produces great work. The Foundation’s goal is to support children with disabilities. Neurodevelopmental programs for babies, children and adults, occupational therapy, and sensory integration, are just a few of ELEPAP’s activities. The Foundation’s support towards the families of children with disabilities, is invaluable.
I was lucky to have met Mr. Giorgos Manouselis, Head of ELEPAP in Chania, and an amazing person, who is no longer with us, but “left his mark”.
I consider it an honor, to run for ELEPAP and to convey a “message of love” for the Foundation’s great impact. »
Manolis invited everyone to contribute to this effort stating: “It is quite important to reach our goal, to support the Foundation and to spread the message of social participation and contribution. I hope this initiative speaks to the people, and I hope I inspire similar actions in the future.”
We are thankful to have admirable supporters by our side, who constitute an example of sensitivity and humanity.
Manolis we thank you with all our heart!