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ELEPAP-Rehabilitation for The Disabled

ELEPAP-Rehabilitation for The Disabled

Member: NGO Premium
Since: 06.07.2010
Steps forward for the Child with Disability

16, Kononos Street, GR-116 34 Pangrati, Athens, Greece

ELEPAP’s Brave Children’s “Games and Dreams”

19.06.2019 Share

It is a great joy for us to see our Brave Children, smile, play and make new friends. We would like to sincerely thank the Bank of Piraeus for this lovely “play date”. The organization has long been by our side, and for that we are grateful.

On Saturday, the 1st of June, 20 children of the Bank’s employees, and 20 Brave Children of ELEPAP, aged 5-8 years old, accompanied by their parents, had a wonderful day in ELEPAP’s facilities.

The children initially watched the play “The Story of A Dream”, by Esmeralda Tsichli and her cast. The play, tells the story of a “Dream”, which has the form of a human, while the girl who has the dream, is sleeping. On its way for the “Hill of Giving”, the “Dream” meets several obstacles, which it manages though to overcome. By exhibiting great courage, love and care in other creatures, the “Dream” finally manages to reach its destination.

The children afterwards, played in ELEPAP’s Model Playground “We -All-Play-Together”. The latter constitutes an important innovation, since it allows children with disabilities and children of typical development, to all play together and have fun!

For ELEPAP, it was the first time we welcomed children outside our Programs, to play and socialize with our Brave Children. To say the least, we were a little worried, though optimistic. The result? We were all very happily surprised. The children truly enjoyed each other’s’ company, respected each other and had a lot of fun! The discreet sensitivity and politeness towards “something different”, the children displayed, moved us all. The children became friends, and watched out for each other, so that no one would feel awkward. All children were equal that day, all children were friends.

Two children in the Playground, George (of typical development) and John, on the customized swing (since he cannot walk), were swinging side-by-side and competed one another, who is going to get higher!

This image, “a seed” we planted on the ground and watered, we dream to produce a better future. A future, where adults will be receptive to diversity, they will respect each other, they will feel compassion for their fellow man, and they will try to help whenever they can. And all this will be possible, because they will be taught to do so, since they were kids.

This is our “Dream”, in ELEPAP. And we wish from the bottoms of our heart, to find People, to share our vision and help us materialize it.

We sincerely thank the people of the Bank of Piraeus for the wonderful experience. Until we meet again.