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SYMPRAXIS TEAM: Opening the Dialogue on the Preservation of Natural Wealth in Crete

02.12.2019 Share

A Dialogue Day on the development of Special Environmental Studies (SES) and Management Plans (MP) for the Natura 2000 Network areas in Crete was held in November at the Cultural Conference Center of the Municipality of Heraklion, with the active participation of representatives of the 1st and 2nd level of local government, as well as of governmental, business and scientific bodies. 

The project is of vital importance, as it includes the formulation of protection, conservation and management proposals related to both land use and to the terms of carrying out activities in the Natura 2000 network areas in 32% of the area of the Region of Crete. Especially in Crete, due to the social structure and the direct relation of the inhabitants to their place, the realisation of such a project requires the direct involvement and cooperation of bodies and citizens, as well as the recognition of the local social conditions and particularities. 

The Dialogue Day was organised and coordinated by Sympraxis Team on behalf of OIKOM Ltd., the contractor company, under a contract with the Department of Natural Environment and Biodiversity Management of the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

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