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GEP: 1.5 million hours without an accident

12.02.2020 Share

An important factor for this success was the excellent cooperation between the two companies

Press Release

The Main Objective Of Enel Green Power Hellas In The Construction Of Wind Farms In The Kafirea Area Of ​​EVOIA Was The Complete Safety Of Those Involved In The Implementation Of The Project.

The Kafireas Wind Complex project, which is implemented by Enel Green Power Hellas, is the largest of its kind in our country.

The investment exceeded 300 million euros, while the installation of the 7 wind farms complex, capable of producing 480 megawatts of electricity per year, worked in total over 1,200 people and used more than 600 project machines. Despite the difficult conditions, due to the extreme weather conditions often present in the area, the complexity and the scope of the project, the objective of total safety and zero accidents – with GEP’s contribution – has become a reality. Recently, 1,500,000 full-time workers were completed without accident.

An important factor for this success was the excellent cooperation between the two companies. GEP, for its part, has undertaken to provide a range of services based on the specific security needs arising from the project needs. Specifically, in terms of preventing employee health, it provided, two specialized First Aid seminars, while also was also responsible to create and equip the First Aid Station.

At the same time, due to the large scale of the project, it provided five Safety Coordinators, with extensive experience in corresponding to large projects, who oversaw the implementation of EGPH safety rules and the applicable legislation, while also highlighting and co-ordinating the necessary corrective actions.

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