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GEP: Health & Safety in Practice!

30.10.2019 Share

The 5 Basic Steps in order to create a Health & Safety Culture in Business!

Press Release

The process from the assignment of the Health and Safety project until Health & Safety becomes culture for the organization you represent, include the following steps:

Step 1

Analysis of direct and indirect risks for employees and business. Our initial study looks at the current state of risk in business.

Step 2

Create action and compliance plan with all the legal requirements included. We are developing a new plan that will improve the level of Health & Safety for every employee, while studying its full alignment with the legal framework.

Step 3

Apply best practice to achieve goals and highlight long-term benefits and ROI. We create the long-term plan for the business, by setting clear goals in relation to the financial indicators.

Step 4

Everybody participates. The plan includes practices that ensure the involvement of both management and all employees, as this is important for achieving the goals.

Step 5

Establish procedures and indicators for monitoring Occupational Health & Safety (OSH) performance. Once the processes start to work, we are in the process of monitoring project performance with measurable indicators