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3bl Media: Will Plastic-Free July Survive the Coronavirus?

From: 22.07.2020 To: 22.07.2020 Share

Find Out from Loop and UPS on July 22 | Register now for the next event in 3BL Media’s ‘Learn from Home’ series.

Press Release

Plastic bag bans swept through cities, while coffee shops incentivized customers to use reusable cups. In recent years, avoiding plastic waste had become a “new normal” for many Americans. Then came the novel coronavirus, and with it a resurgence in single-use systems. 

For Plastic-Free July, we’ll take a closer look at a circular model that ensures health and hygiene while providing an alternative to single-use. 

Join TriplePundit senior editor Mary Mazzoni on July 22 at 2 p.m. ET  for “Will Plastic-Free July Survive the Coronavirus?,” a live interview with Anthony Rossi, vice president of global business development for the reusable packaging platform Loop and Patrick Browne, director of global sustainability for Loop’s logistics partner, UPS.  Register here. 

They’ll discuss what’s new with Loop, often dubbed the “21st-century milkman,” in the time of COVID-19 and explore how circular systems like these can change mindsets and avoid a backslide on plastic waste generation. 

3BL Media created the “Learn From Home” series as the U.S. workforce went into self-isolation in March. Leveraging the expertise of TriplePundit, which has been covering sustainable business since 2005, the series focuses on bold and authentic corporate leadership.

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