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Oury Clark

Oury Clark

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Since: 12.10.2016

10 John Street, WC1N 2EB London, United Kingdom

Oury Clark – Buisness without Bullsh*t Podcast

09.09.2020 Share

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Press Release

Business without Bullsh*t

We would like to introduce all our friends and clients to the Oury Clark Podcasts - Business without Bullsh*t. 

Oury Clark partner and entrepreneur Andrew Oury, and author(and comedian) Dominic Frisby sit down with various business leaders, pioneers and disruptors to chat frankly and honestly about their business, their entrepreneurship and the lessons they've learned along the way.

Our first episodes feature the following;

Episode 1 – Tom Best – The Auction Collective

We kick off Business without Bullsh*t in the company of Tom Best, co-founder of The Auction Collective and ex-Christie's (youngest) auctioneer. The Auction Collective represents emerging and unrepresented artists and aims to make buying art an accessible and everyday experience.

Insta: @theauctioncollective
Twitter: @auccollective 
Episode 2 – Angus Donaldson – Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

Andrew Oury and Dominic Frisby speak with Angus Donaldson, serial entrepreneur and investor operating within housing development and social media advertising.

Episode 3 – Gabrielle Patrick – Knabu

In this episode, we speak with Gabrielle Patrick, Founder and CEO of Knabu, a cutting-edge digital financial institution encompassing the best of peer-to-peer transacting and centralised banking.

Twitter: @knabugroup

Knabu is currently fund raising. If you are interested in invested or learning more please click here

Article and Image Source: From Press Release