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Oramique: Beauty is in how you view your life.

09.06.2020 Share

Beauty is in how you view your life.

A simple Monday...a day for looking at the difficulties that surround us, the challenging times, the cataclysmic thunder storms, or is it an opportunity to celebrate all that we have, and all the opportunities that are within our grasp?

I choose the latter. Starting the day with a tranquil coffee in the early morning sun with my beautiful four-legged friend, a walk in the hills, some light work, and then nature’s sound and light show while the electric storm raged outside in the Northern Suburbs of Athens. Conversations about work, plans for the coming months, and exchanges with family and friends, all filled this non-eventful yet eventful day with positive plans and interaction. Life, beauty, and opportunity surrounds us every day. We just need to stop searching for the darkness.

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