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Carbon Trade eXchange (CTX)

Carbon Trade eXchange (CTX)

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CTX: Aviation Carbon Exchange (A.C.E.) ® Take-Off

27.10.2020 Share

Aviation Carbon Exchange (A.C.E.) ® Take-Off

As we drift towards the end of 2020 the world has changed, and despite a dramatic drop in commercial airlines travel, private sector aviation is booming. We are now also starting to see the airline recovery getting underway, with Qantas shares up 120% from its low in late March this year, and IAG up 61%. Major private aviation groups also benefited from huge government subsidies, so all the larger well-funded companies or groups across both parts of the sector are poised to recover and expand in 2021.
I conceived the concepts of A.C.E. at COP25 and received resounding endorsement from the industry bodies and operators then, as well as at the Aviation Carbon conferences in London in both 2017 and 2019, where I spoke and presented it. It therefore excites me to finally get to launch this concept, with even more advantages than I had ever foreshadowed before.
A.C.E. is the Aviation sector ‘Landing Page’ into the CTX Global exchange, where CORSIA eligible credits are identified with this symbol   

This means that airlines, large Private Aviation companies, plus aviation sector participants such as manufacturing, fuels and airports can buy both their CORSIA compliant credits AND their voluntary credits in one platform. So, with one simple Login they can find offsets globally for their Frequent Flyers and/or passenger offset programs, as well as fulfill any obligations to ICAO, Governments, or upstream clients whom they supply.
Main features include: 
No tricky 'alternative' Credit Standards, all credits listed are under the major international standards; Gold Standard, Verra VCS, or CDM/CTX CER with the CORSIA symbol.
You get what you pay for, and CTX will even do the retirement for them if they don’t have a Registry account. 
For sector participants such as major airlines, membership via A.C.E. is FREE until November 30th, 2020 - and there will be ZERO buyside fees for airlines and large private aviation groups (subject to approval and minimum volumes*).
Just Login or start your application today via and quote the discount code Aviation2020 and soon you can start trading.

*N.B. Airlines who act as brokers will not qualify for a zero fees account at CTX discretion.   

Article and photo source: Press Release / Newsletter