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GRI: Driving corporate reporting for the SDGs

10.11.2020 Share

Driving corporate reporting for the SDGs

Business Leadership Forum offers opportunities for stakeholder collaboration

A new forum will leverage the power of corporate reporting to drive action towards accomplishing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), by facilitating dialogue and collaboration between companies and their stakeholders.

The GRI Business Leadership Forum is built around a series of quarterly online sessions with representatives from key stakeholder groups – including investors, governments, regulators, supply chains, civil society and academia. GRI reporting organizations around the world can now sign up for this two-year program.

The forum, which will start in March 2021, includes:
  • A blend of expert guidance, peer learning and relationship building with multiple stakeholder groups
  • Practical support on identifying and understanding different stakeholder needs, in order to showcase the company’s commitment to the SDGs
  • Opportunities to demonstrate sustainability leadership, by contributing to a series of session summaries and masterclasses, as well as co-creating a final outcome report

Mirjam Groten, GRI’s Chief Business Development Officer, said:

“To mobilize the efforts and resources required to deliver the SDGs, we need to do all we can to increase collaboration between businesses and other stakeholders. And as we consider how to achieve a sustainable and inclusive recovery to the pandemic, the urgency is all the more evident.

Our Business Leadership Forum will provide companies with practical insights that can raise the quality and strategic relevance of their SDG reporting. It also offers a unique opportunity for multi-stakeholder collaboration, unlocking better outcomes both from the business and sustainable development perspectives.”

Find out more about the Corporate Reporting as a Driver to Achieving the SDGs, including eligibility, program schedule and fees. The forum builds on the Corporate Action Group for Reporting on the SDGs (delivered by GRI and UNGC), which is set to conclude at the end of 2020.

In October, GRI and Enel launched an engagement series exploring how partnerships and transparency can ensure action in support of the SDGs. Three regional events have taken place, which will inform a summit early next year.

GRI provides resources and guidance to help companies report their contribution towards the SDGs, as well as an SDG mapping service so that these contributions are accurately disclosed and understood.

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