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Oury Clark: How much is the third self-employed grant worth now?

11.11.2020 Share

How much is the third self-employed grant worth now?

The portion of the SEISS grant covering November will now be worth 80 percent of average monthly trading profits.

Andrew Oury, Partner at Oury Clark, explained to “This makes the third grant up to 55 percent of trading profits and is an improvement to the amount initially announced by Rishi Sunak, which was to be based upon 20 percent then 40 percent of average monthly trading profits, and subject to a lower cap.”

Across the three-month period, the third grant will be capped at a maximum of £5,160.

Currently it is not known how much the fourth SEISS grant will be worth.

Mr Oury added: “It looks like the fourth payment will cover a three-month period from the start of February 2021 until the end of April 2021.

“The amount to be paid is yet to be determined and we have been informed it will be based on the Government’s review.

“No date has yet been confirmed for when claims for this fourth grant will be open.”

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