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Oury Clark

Oury Clark

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OURY CLARK: Can smart employee benefits relieve the recruitment pressure?

18.10.2021 Share

Contrary to expectations - given we just had the largest downturn since the second world war - we are witnessing huge pressures on the job market at numerous angles. Somewhere between Covid, Brexit, IR35, Furlough and Priti Patel, something has ignited bidding wars between employers and salary inflation is off and running. So this month we are giving the giant and often confusing subject of “Company Benefits” some focus. What should you really offer people except “cash”.

1) We have a blog for those of you who want to keep it light
2) We have a quick guide for those who want to keep it practical and, well quick
3) And an audio quick guide for those of you who are in such a rush you don’t have time to read at all, but could listen while running somewhere

Whilst you are cueing up your listening we also have an enlightening podcast where entrepreneur & author Christine Armstrong talking about what the modern work/life and children/career balance looks like. She also has strong opinions on both Non-Exec Directors and office dogs.

As ever if you are too busy to be able to go through any of that just drop us a line, we are at your service. 

For a more visual approach regarding to "Workplace Benefits", please click here

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