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Goldair Handling S.A.

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Since: 07.03.2016

Athens International Airport, Spata, 190 04 Athens, Greece

Corporate profile

Corporate Presentation:
Goldair Handling is one of the leading suppliers of ground handling services in South East Europe and the first private ground handling company, operating in a liberalized Greek market of ground handling services since 1999, following the abolition of monopoly. Offers a full range of passenger, ramp, aircraft, cargo and mail, Our Gold services as well as consulting services.

Our Vision, Mission and Values:
Our vision is to remain the leading and preferred ground handling company, not only in Greece but also in the international network in which the company operates, providing consistent value for customers, shareholders and employees. 

Our mission is to focus constantly on providing high quality ground handling services and innovative solutions, offering added value to our customers and ensuring immediate, safe and reliable operations.

Our Values are governed by: 
  • Consistency in our actions and obligations
  • Team Spirit 
  • Immediacy/Adaptability in Challenges
  • And Respect 

Our Network:
Goldair Handling currently is operating at 31 Airport in Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus. 

Goldair Handling has recently obtained licenses for Croatia and Serbia for provision of ground handling services and we have added to our portfolio Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split and Belgrade airports. 

Goldair AAS Assistance AG, a joint venture between Goldair Handling and Airline Assistance Switzerland signed on the 18th of September 2019, an agreement with Flughafen Zurich AG for the exclusive provision of services for passengers with disabilities and passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) at Zurich Airport. The 5-year term single supplier contract awarded to Goldair AAS Assistance AG after a competitive tender process, starting the 1st of January 2020.

Our Customers:
Goldair Handling has the training and know-how, as it partners with many of the largest airlines internationally, offering a wide spectrum of ground handling services. Goldair Handling’s main customers include airlines that carry out commercial flights, general aviation, cargo and mail transport. Continuous communication with customer - airlines and passengers through the Company’s communication channels as well as the provision of high-quality services tailored to their needs and capacity are the main characteristics of Goldair Handling’s strategic approach to the management and service of its customers. A characteristic feature of Goldair Handling’s customer-oriented philosophy is its commitment to continuous improvement of the services provided in order to reliably serve existing customers and attract new partnerships. This commitment is reflected in the Company’s Quality Policy and every aspect of its day-to-day operations.

Our network consists of more than 130 airlines and we are providing ground handling services to leading airlines from the Gulf Area, well known EU airlines, Low-cost concept airlines, Executive aviation and Cargo Carriers, Charter flights as well as Military flights.

Our People:
Goldair Handling supports a workplace culture where employees feel valued, vested and inspired, trying to act simultaneously as an employer, a ground handler and a corporate citizen. 

Highly skilled professionals who aim to ensure that our company daily ground operations run efficiently in compliance with safety and security standards. 

We believe that our people are the engine of collaborative and mutually supportive environment in order to deliver high quality service, cost efficiency and effort to exceed our customers’ expectations.