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Social Cooperative Business “Greece EveryWhere”

Member: Society Free
Since: 10.12.2018
(KOINSEP Greece EveryWhere)

80 Anatolikis Romilias, Glifada, 16562 Athens, Greece

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Social Co-Operative "Greece Everywhere" concentrates its efforts into pursuing the creation of new and sustainable working positions. This is achieved by assisting small and very small businesses, agricultural producer groups and cooperatives from all over Greece to create the appropriate communication channels with high quality consumer markets abroad and to eventually build an outward orientation. At the same time, it contributes to or supports charitable organizations and collective efforts, at every given opportunity.

Social Co-Operative "Greece Everywhere” has organized and/or has contributed to organizing a great number of events in order to establish, develop and promote commercial and intercultural dialogue between Greece and other countries around the World.

Social Co-Operative "Greece Everywhere" actively participates in the development of Social Entrepreneurship in Greece. It both organizes and participates in informative seminars, is an active member of secondary institutions, it promotes social dialogue and is always open to any action that advocates the Cooperative Movement and the idea of Co-ops.