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Equal Society

Member: NGO Free
Since: 05.02.2019
We have a dream

1st Santaroza str., 10564 Athens, Greece


Equal Society - Society of Equal Opportunities aims to raise awareness and inform citizens on their rights on equality, equal treatment and non-discrimination in all areas of social life, especially in education, professional training, employment, social security, health and entrepreneurship. Equal Society supports social economy and social entrepreneurship, works for the creation of a more inclusive society through a process of open dialogue, promotes social integration of citizens with no exclusions, conducts specialized studies, workshops, seminars, educational and professional training programs at national and European level in the area of new employment types and reintegration in the job market, promoting employment and lifelong learning with a focus on vulnerable groups.

The Non- Governmental Organization Equal Society was established in February 2010 as independent and non- profit with actions “Against Social Exclusion, Unemployment and Poverty”.

Its principal objective is to raise awareness and inform citizens for the rights of equality, equal treatment and non-discrimination in all areas of social life, especially in education, vocational training, labor market, social security, health and entrepreneurship.

This report has been prepared by Equal Society and presents –in shortits social work and its impact.

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