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Member: Silver
Since: 09.12.2019

, Athens, Greece

Corporate profile

Joanna Skiftou studied artistic and technical photography in London. She graduated with a major in aerial photography. She has trained with Reuters Television on Master Control Room Operation, news and broadcasting management.
An assistant radio producer for the Greek Section of the BBC World Service, she has also worked as a photographer and correspondent for foreign magazines in London.

After her return to Greece, she joined Sky Television as the station’s helicopter news camera operator providing video and still coverage of daily news.

Joanna has taught photography at the Lykourgos Stavrakos Cinema Studies School and at Intergraphics as well as cinematography and video at Campus College.

She is currently working as a freelancer in Athens. Her work ranges from small projects to fully-edited multimedia corporate portfolios.

  • Industrial photography for major oil & gas, cement, and other production companies, both aerial and on the ground.
  • Construction works photography for plants, marinas, pipelines, dams, motorways, both aerial and on the ground.
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) themes, environmental, publicity, local community.
  • Live events coverage, press conferences, investor briefings, exhibits (stands, speakers).
  • Posters, banners, wall-paper size backgrounds for exhibits and kiosks.
  • Food & Beverage photography for stores, catalogues, and menus.
  • Commercial product photography in the studio
  • Fashion photography, shows, backstage and fashion models’ books.
  • Corporate brochures, flyers, folders, calendars, anniversary editions, company newsletters & magazines
  • Medical photography for live procedures as well as facilities and installations, such as hospitals, diagnostic centers, labs and clinics.
  • Travel photography mainly in Greece and parts of Europe, both aerial and on the ground.
  • Retouching and editing of images with Photoshop and Capture.
  • Videos for corporate and commercial use for sites and social media.
  • Cooperation with advertising agencies and website providers.
  • Digital archiving – scanning, processing and reparation of old photos, safe digital storage. Projects include work done for companies, museums, monasteries, insurance of precious art and artifacts.