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INTERAMERICAN Hellenic Life Insurance Company S.A.

Member: Gold
Since: 05.07.2007
Part of Achmea

350, Syngrou Avenue, GR-176 74 Kallithea, Athens, Greece


INTERAMERICAN's mission is to create and offer significant value to society.The Company has proven in practice, its sensibility in the sector of Social Responsibility through its activity to the benefit of the community, along with its business reliability. Today, INTERAMERICAN aims at maximizing the efficiency of its social initiatives, with the participation of its human resources and, related to the scope of its business, the potential of the Company's services and its know-how. To that purpose, it has planned and it is implementing a far-reaching and multidimensional Corporate Social Responsibility programme: "Acts of Life".

The programme is implemented in the following areas:

  • Health Care
    Educational seminars and information publications on health issues and events, prevention and medical examination campaigns in remote regions of Greece and various actions that support the work of scientific entities and foundations in the health sector.
  • Risk Management Training
    Actions regarding Road Safety, raising public awareness and sensitivity on the issue, through seminars and special documentation. It also includes actions which aim at instructing individuals on dealing with and protecting themselves from natural disasters.
  • Support of Vulnerable Social Groups
    Acts of support (both moral and material) of social groups with special needs: detoxification centres, foundations for the protection of children, nursing homes, etc.
  • Protection of the Environment
    Initiatives for environmental renewal-restoration, educational actions and informative publications, as well as a programme of rational, environment-friendly management of the Company's operations.

At the same time, INTERAMERICAN is a member of UNEP / FI (a UN programme for the environment), the Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility and the National Network for the Promotion of Health at workplaces. The actual social sensibility of the people of INTERAMERICAN rests at the foundation of our corporate Values.

"Acts of Life" means responsible social presence and action in favor of social prosperity, environment and Company's employees. "Acts of Life" means quality of life.