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Boussias Communications Ltd.

Member: Gold
Since: 01.09.2011

338, Klesthenous Street, GR-153 44 Gerakas, Athens, Greece


Boussias Communications is the leading B2B corporate communications company spanning over 40 years’ presence in the Greek market and enjoying widespread recognition.  Through its media brands, conferences and corporate awards, executives at all levels in the most dynamic industries receive up-to-date information, inspirations and the networking necessary to maintain their competitive advantage.

Media Brands
With 11 magazines, newsletter and respective websites, the company offers information related to all developments, current trends and future possibilities across a wide range of industries and positions, contributing to thought-provoking discussions, brainstorming and the formation of strategy for companies throughout the Greek market.

For more than 17 years, market leaders rely on Boussias Communcations’ conferences to receive information and have networking opportunities essential for success.  A portfolio of over 60 conferences per year cover the needs for almost all industries and positions in the Greek business landscape.

With 30 business awards and counting, Boussias Communcations offers executives and companies the chance to celebrate their success, to reward their people, to network and to create closer relationships with their clients/customers.