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Attiki Odos S.A.

Member: Gold
Since: 27.01.2009
Concessionaire Company of the Attiki Odos Motorway

41.9 km. Attiki Odos, GR-190 02 Peania, Athens, Greece

Social/ Environmental

Corporate Social Responsibility is a long-term concern of “Attikes Diadromes S.A.” and governs all its activities that are directly related to the four main pillars: Employees, Society, Environment and the Market.

Employees: The company invests, above all, on its human resources. More specifically:
  • There are 1,158 employees in the operation and maintenance of Attiki Odos and the toll stations of Egnatia Odos. Administrative staff, engineers, craftsmen, patrol employees, toll collectors, telephone service workers work together daily to carry out all the tasks required for the smooth operation and maintenance of the motorway.
  • Encourages employee participation in seminars and training on technical, technological, administrative, customer service and security issues related to their subject matter. For 2017, 915 employees were trained for over 8,900 hours.
  • Demonstrates the interest for its people through a series of initiatives including private insurance coverage, monthly childcare allowance for preschool children, organizing social events and gifts for employees and their children, participation of employees' children in children's camps, development of sports activities, etc.
Society: The company also benefits the municipalities and residents of the neighboring regions, as well as the Greek society as a whole.

The main axes of social sensitivity are:
  • The protection of human life, achieved through the maintenance of the optimal level of road safety in Attiki Odos and the awareness and education of the general public and users of Attiki Odos on road safety issues. Thus, the company constantly trains its employees, creates and implements actions to inform the public on road safety issues and addresses children and adolescents, ie future drivers, with specially designed road safety training programs. More than 9.000 children and adolescents were trained in 2017.
  • Solidarity through cooperation, NGO assistance and through contributions to local bodies, residents, organizations and schools of neighboring municipalities, either by providing equipment or through the voluntary work of its employees.
  • Participation in research programs to promote research on issues related to road safety, new technologies and the operation of the motorway.
Market: The company contribute to its domestic market with:
  • Support and collaboration with over 200 established partners and suppliers, of whom 97% are Greek businesses.
  • The relationship of trust the company has built with the motorway users, offering them impeccable service. For 2017, the company responded to 24,196 road events, with an average response rate of 5.9 minutes. This contributed to the company being attributed with a 97.3% feeling of safety by the motorway users in the relevant annual survey. 
Environment: Great importance is given to protecting the environment and monitoring and addressing the effects of the operation of the motorway. For this purpose, the company:
  • Calculates the carbon footprint of its actions and consumptions and participates in a recycling program for paper, plastics, batteries, tires and other products.
  • Protects the local fauna with the fencing, while a provision has been made to prevent the birds from passing through the glass floodplains, by placing special stickers on them. In addition, the company reinforces the work of the Hellenic Animal Welfare Society and the Wild Life Conservation Society (ANIMA). The Hellenic Animal Welfare Society collects stray and deserted animals, cares for wounded animals and ensures that they are adopted, while ANIMA ensures the animals’ medical care and reintegration of wildlife into their natural habitats.
  • The irrigation is made from drilling water and is regulated by a central electronic system, programmed according to climatic conditions, so as to avoid water wastage. For irrigation of specially landscaped areas with lawn water is used by the biological cleaning of the project, so that natural water resources are not exhausted. For 2017, water consumption declined by 19.9% compared to 2016.