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Social Cooperative Activities for Minority Groups 'EDRA'

Social Cooperative Activities for Minority Groups 'EDRA'

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Since: 10.06.2010

14, Dilou Street, GR-121 34 Peristeri, Athens, Greece

Social Solidarity Economy Conference

From: 30.05.2011 To: 30.05.2011 Share

Athens Information Technology, Peania, Athens (
Monday, May 30, 2011
The goal of the conference is to open a dialogue between the Social Partners, the Public Administration and the Citizens of the country as well as the promotion of best practices.

There are plenty of needs in our society presently. We hope that the conference there are terribly huge needs that need to be addressed. We hope that the conference will contribute to the exchange of ideas in order to find solutions, to create synergies and in the dissemination of legal and institutional knowledge as well as the applied support, cooperation and human solidarity to face the major contemporary problems.

We believe in the support of Technology for the discovery of the solution(s) to the huge societal needs and its pivotal role. How, in what form shape or dynamism or means we do not know. The development of a new sector or of a new system or methodology in the New Economy is the task at hand and the aim of the Conference. Social Economy consists an active intervention that is developing within the Market and the Society at large. This activation is taking place with the benefit of the citizens and the common good of the members of the society in a multi leveled activity.
  •     What is Social Economy?
  •     What is Social enterprising?
  •     What needs does it cover?
  •     What are the sources of finance?
We will attempt to answer these questions during this conference. The event will try to compare the practices in other countries and in Greece.

Locating financing to render Social Economy of Solidarity sustainable and functional faces challenges and difficulties. Simultaneously, it becomes the starting point of enterprising activities and a source of creative solutions. With so little so much it is achieved. Resourcefulness and innovation are always the forces that replace the lack of financial resources because the appeal to the heart of the individuals and gather the soul, courage and untold powers of individual citizens. They bring together and leverage the human characteristics that transform the impossible to possible. The benefits are not only monetary and for the few owners but multi leveled, tangible and intangible and usually reach all societal strata. The result of this new and developing method is the making of a new human more companionate towards its fellow citizen, quality that renders each one of us a better person.

We thank you for your participation and for your possible support.

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GR-190 02 Peania, Athens, Greece
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Please find attached the conference programme.