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Annual NGO project funding

Αnnual commitment to funding specific non-profit projects submitted

by Global Sustain's NGO members

At the end of each fiscal year, as part of our corporate responsibility policy, Global Sustain finances non-profit projects carried out by non-corporate members, with the aim of funding specific social, environmental or other needs in the citizen sector. To date, 30 charitable projects have been financed, through an electronic voting procedure and the opinion of a NGO Project Funding Committee. This policy is part of the company’s values and aims at promoting and supporting the work of its NGO members with social and environmental impact.

Transparent funding and voting procedure

Global Sustain's annual project funding of selected NGO members involves a transparent process that includes an on-line voting poll plus a five-member committee.

The final choice of non-profit projects that are eventually chosen for funding is based on:
  • Electronic voting poll results
  • the opinion of NGO Project Funding Committee

Funding beneficiaries

Fiscal-year 2020 funding
  • Project: "Enhancing the possibilities of psychosocial support for children at risk at the Day Care Center"
    NGO: Initiative for the Child

Fiscal-year 2019 funding
  • Project: «Support Program for School Communities that experience loss"
  • Project: «Fabric Republic»

Fiscal-year 2018 funding
  • Project: «Entertainment of 720 Children Hospitalized in "Children's Oncology Hospital" in 6 months»
    NGO: Voluntary Ministration of Patients
  • Project: «Ithaca: Dignity for All through Hygiene Services»
Fiscal-year 2017 funding
  • Project: «Night Shelter for Homeless People and Supplementary Medical and Psychosocial Services emphasizing in New Homelessness»
    NGO: Giatroi tou Kosmou
  • Project: Support a woman in a remote area in Greece to have a child.

Fiscal-year 2016 funding
  • Project: "A Roof over their head" mother & child project
  • Project: MOTHERS BEING INMATES: Redefinition of their identity within the prison context.
    NGO: Freedom Gate Greece

Fiscal-year 2015 funding
  • Project: Emergency program to meet the medical and humanitarian needs of vulnerable populations in the municipality of Athens
    Doctors Without Borders - Greek Section
  • Project: Protected Apartments Short Hospitality Creation for People With Disabilities
    NGO: K.E.E.P.E.A. "Horizons"
Fiscal-year 2014 funding
  • Project: Continuation of operation for the 2015 national human support line involved with cancer - 1069
    The Benefit and Non -Profit Organization Cancer Friends " STAY STRONG "
  • Project: Silver Alert
    Life Line Hellas

Fiscal-year 2013 funding

  • Project: Education and therapy through computer use
    Hellenic Society for Disabled Children (ELEPAP)
  • Project: Programme of Social Solidarity at Third Age
    Psychogeriatric Association "Nestor"

Fiscal-year 2012 funding

  • Project: We join forces for 60 children in danger. United we will make it!
    The Smile of the Child
  • Project: Sheltered housing
    Association of Parents & Guardians People with Special Needs in prefecture Fthiotida

Fiscal-year 2011 funding

  • Project: Family strengthening & counseling centre of Athens 
    NGO: SOS Children's Villages Greece
  • Project: Action for psychosocial support for people with mental health problems due to the effects of the crisis
    NGO: S.O.P.S.I. Patras - Association for Mental Health of Patras

Fiscal-year 2010 funding

  • Project: Psychosocial support of cancer patients and their environment
    NGO: Society of volunteers against cancer - AgaliaZO
  • Project: "AROGI" guest house for orphaned and poor children with special needs in Menidi, Athens
    NGO: AROGI - Charity union for social care issues 

Fiscal-year 2009 funding

  • NGO: "Floga" (which means "Flame" in Greek) - Greek Parents Association of Children with Cancer 
  • NGO: Lifeline Hellas 
  • NGO: The "Hadzipaterion" Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy (R.C.C.C.P.) programme of the Social Work Foundation (S.W.F.) 

Fiscal-year 2008 funding

  • NGO: MOm/Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk Seal 
  • NGO: "Social Solidarity"

Fiscal-year 2007 funding

  • NGO: Two polyclincs of Médecins du Monde-Greece
  • NGO: The Aegean Seed Bank by Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation 

Fiscal-year 2006 funding
  • NGO: "The Smile of the Child"