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InNews 1911 Ltd

Member: Silver
Since: 18.11.2014

31 Dirfis street, Vrilissia, GR-152 35 Athens, Greece

Corporate profile

InNews 1911 Ltd is the biggest press clipping company in Greece, with many years of experience in media monitoring and analysis of media publicity.

InNews records and analyses Mass Media content (newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, news sites, blogs, social media, forums) and converts it into data, allowing its subscribers to monitor and measure their communication plan performance, as well as to comprehend trends, manage crises and shape their communication strategy.

Moreover, it provides all kinds of Media Intelligence services:
  • Reporting
  • Translations
  • Stock News
  • Ad Monitoring 
  • News Archive 
  • Logo Detection
  • International media monitoring

The InNews platform is the leading Management Information System (MIS) for Monitoring and Publicity Information Management. It monitors, collects, processes, analyses and categorizes 24/7, data from all available Greek Mass Media. 

The software is constantly upgraded, with the addition of cutting edge technologies such as Optical Character Reader (OCR), Speech to Text and Big Data Analytics. InNews holds the highest success rate in the effectiveness of its services and has developed special systems to ensure that the data is properly categorized and archived. Its total customer base consists of 1,100 corporate clients ranging from small companies to large public and private sector organizations.

InNews ensures that its services meet the customers' needs and expectations as it is certified with the most widespread worldwide Quality Management Standard, ELOT EN ISO 9001-2015 in media monitoring services. InNews is a FIBEP member and holds a license from OSDEL (Greek Collecting Society for Literary Works) to provide press clipping services.