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Member: NGO Premium
Since: 18.02.2020

23 Karneadou street, Kolonaki, 106 75 Athens, Greece

Organisation's Profile BE-LIVE

Be-Live was founded in 2019 by reproductive gynecologists-IVF Specialists Dr. Vasilis D. Kellaris and Dr. Harris H. Chiniadis, with the vision to substantially change the demographic problem of Greece, by getting to the root of the problem; by treating Infertility. 

Within the vision’s context, where the rates of fertility in Greece will rise, Be-Live's mission is:
  • To promote and secure access to infertility treatments for the vulnerable social groups
  • To inform and raise awareness of infertility to state agencies, organizations and the general public

Be-Live's team is made up of distinguished professionals in their field, such as:
  • Medicine/Health Sciences
  • Law
  • Economics
  • Communications/Journalism
  • Arts & Culture

Be-Live's cause is supported by:
  • Volunteers 
  • Companies/Organizations
  • Sponsors
  • Friends