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Alliance for Greece

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Since: 24.05.2017

Zeno of Elea 10 Maroussi, 15123 Athens, Greece

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THE PRIVATE SECTOR alliance and fight against the crisis 

in a long economic downturn period for our country, there are still some "romantic" that in spite of many still believe that we Greeks can do it, enough to combine joint action , the specific objective and selfless behavior.

This "romantic activism" is expressed through big and show the dominant role of Culture of Tourism , the Sport , the Environment and Volunteerism in Greece.

In summer 2010, institutional bodies of communication, the SBS (Hellenic Advertisers Association), the HMA (Association of Advertising and Communication), the EITISEE (Association of Private TV Athens Stations) EIIRA (Owners Association of Private Radio Station of Athens), the Union Film and Television Producers (Paktika) and the SEPT (association of Periodical Press), first joined forces to achieve a common goal: the awakening of the Greek society and the recovery of the Greek economy. 

This initiative essentially expresses the determination of the private sector to offer pro bono services to the Greek state, so this period of prolonged economic crisis the country to benefit from the greatest possible assistance of the most robust and healthy branches of the Greek market.

Alongside the institutional communication stood, almost from the beginning of the project, the Union of Greek Banks (EET), the Association of Mobile Telephony Companies (SCCP), the Trading Companies Association of Petroleum Association (SEEPE), the Panhellenic Federation of Industries & Cosmetics Representatives & Perfumery (PSVAK), the Panhellenic Exporters Association (PSE), Association of Greek Food Industries (SEVT), the Greek Association of Industries branded products (ESVEP), the Union of Greek recordings Producers (IFPI), the Association of Lia Selling Greece-economic (HRBA), the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Industry (ECEC), the Commerce and Industry Chamber of Thessaloniki (TCCI), the Information Technology & Communications Enterprises (SEPE) and Scouts (SEP).

In early 2012, the entire effort took shape, and legal status as a non-profit organization under the name "ALLIANCE FOR GREECE" , the founding members of which included prominent figures of culture, business, sport and volunteering. 

The 'ALLIANCE FOR GREECE " also enhance the active participation and action, many public and private agencies, organizations, businesses and individuals, managers at all levels of corporate hierarchy. 


The public awareness and especially the business world to the need to promote programs that contribute to the development and promotion of the productive resources of the country and improvement of quality of service.

The maximization of social benefits through the awareness of Greek society.

The projection of the country's image with the cooperation of the Greek productive fabric, particularly in the areas of volunteerism, tourism, environment, culture, and sport, as well as support any activity that promotes these areas in order to achieve the best results with the lowest possible cost.

The motivation for volunteering in all sectors that promote the country's image.

The study of the means by which the development of the Greek product will be achieved. Strengthening the efforts of the state for the general promotion of the country's image.

In conclusion, the action of "ALLIANCE FOR GREECE" expresses the best concepts of private initiative, namely:





All these concepts express - in their own way kathemia- optimism, hope and certainty that man, Greek, can make the world better. And that together we can join forces for a hopeful tomorrow. 

Noted that "The ALLIANCE FOR GREECE ' is a civil, non-profit organization, which has nothing whatsoever to do with parties and forces of the Greek political scene , while the activities of assisting the Greek state, without any financial support from the state.