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Greek Association of Environmental Protection Companies (PASEPPE)

Member: Society Premium
Since: 17.12.2012

4, Marni Street, Museum, GR-104 33 Athens, Greece


The Greek Association of Environmental Protection Companies (PASEPPE) was founded in 2001 and consists of 120 member companies involved in all stages of waste management such as construction management, technology companies, industries, companies engaged in energy saving, as well as, specialized consultants and product suppliers.

The Association represents our country at the European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services - FEAD ( and participates in expert teams which are in charge of handling interventions relevant to the modernization of legislative regulations for the Environmental protection at a European level.

PASEPPE aims via proposals, gala events, enlightenment and synergies between its members to actively contribute in the resolution of a problem relating to waste management and enhance the environmental infrastructure of the country, as well as, giving a parallel growth to the companies relevant to the field.