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Advisory Services 
  • Sustainability strategy: Development of a corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy integrated into business practice.
  • Sustainability report: Helping companies communicate non-financial information through sustainability reporting. 
  • Responsible investments: Support companies in attracting responsible investors’ interest based on ESG criteria (Environment, Society, Governance) and assist participation in responsible markets and sustainability indexes. 
  • Benchmarking: Evaluation and assessment of best corporate practices related to corporate responsibility and sustainability issues. 
  • Project management: Identification, preparation and implementation of corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives. 
  • Metrics: Social value estimation of strategy and corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives (Social Return on Investment - SROI, Social Value).

  • Roundtables: Informational and knowledge sharing roundtables in collaboration with international organisations, academia and institutions. 
  • In-house training: Tailor made in-house training and e-learning related to sustainability
  • Sustainability Forum: The annual Sustainability Forum - A training, networking and professional development event, consists of specialised workshops and brings together prominent speakers and top sustainability experts from all round the world (

Stakeholders Engagement

Global Sustain Stakeholder Panels
Stakeholder Panels is a one-day event, where companies present their CR/Sustainability Report and give the opportunity to stakeholders to provide feedback, through open dialogue. 
  • A limited number of companies present their CR/Sustainability Report in each Panel in one day
  • Each company gets 2 hours to present its Report and get stakeholder feedback
  • Stakeholder Panels take place in a conference/meeting room in a roundtable format
  • The number of stakeholder participants is between 20-30
  • Stakeholders are selected well in advance before the date of the Stakeholder Panel
  • Chatham House Rules apply
Stakeholder Panels are organised by Global Sustain in preselect dates throughout the year and Global Sustain executives act as facilitators of the panels. Invited companies present on a first-come, first-served basis. Stakeholder participants are preselected by Global Sustain with the approval of the presenting companies.

Stakeholder Panels (in-house)
One-day event organized for one specific company at its facilities or other appropriate venue. Structured questions are designed and phrased ahead of time and are typically asked during the panel. Questions are also created during the panel, allowing both the company and the stakeholders the flexibility to probe for details or discuss material issues. The aim is to give the opportunity to select stakeholders to provide feedback, through open dialogue and transparency. In-house Stakeholder Panels are organised by the hosting Company and stakeholders are selected by the Company in cooperation with Global Sustain, with the latter acting as a moderator of the discussion.

Focus Group
A planned discussion in a small group (6 to 10 members) of stakeholders facilitated by Global Sustain for a specific company. It is designed to obtain information about preferences and opinions in a relaxed, comfortable environment. The topic is introduced and, in the discussion that follows, group members influence each other by responding to ideas and comments. Focus Groups may also be used for detailed discussion on identifying and ranking material issues. Focus Groups are organised by the hosting Company and stakeholders are selected by the Company in cooperation with Global Sustain, with the latter acting as a moderator of the discussion.

Stakeholder Dialogue
Stakeholder Dialogue is another engagement service of interested parties where a Company invites all stakeholder groups (employees, local communities, clients, suppliers, shareholders, press, media, business partners, public bodies, competent authorities, investors, voluntary organisations and local community members) to an open dialogue, to discuss and receive feedback on its progress in sustainability and corporate responsibility issues. Company executives usually run the agenda presenting their area of expertise (i.e. Labor, Environmental, Supply Chain, Human Rights, etc.) and engage the participants in an active dialogue. Stakeholder Dialogue events are organised usually in a bigger venue, sponsored by the hosting Company and stakeholders are selected by the Company in cooperation with Global Sustain, with the latter acting as a moderator of the discussion.

A survey is a means of eliciting the opinions, beliefs and attitudes of some sample of individuals. As a data collection instrument, it is structured or unstructured. Surveys include a questionnaire which is concise with a preplanned set of questions designed to yield specific information to meet a particular need for research information. Indicative examples of surveys include materiality analysis, employee engagement, stakeholder satisfaction and expectations, etc. Global Sustain work includes:
  • The questionnaire compilation,
  • the online tool set up, 
  • the results analysis,
  • the report with the relevant findings.
For the execution of the surveys, Global Sustain may collaborate with accredited research organisations to ensure credibility and trustworthiness of results.

External Stakeholder Advisory Council
The External Stakeholder Advisory Council is an expert group of people (usually between 6 to 12 members) that supports the company in reviewing and developing sustainability-related issues and identifying areas for improvement. Global Sustain may help a Company to structure the terms of reference, compose its External Stakeholder Advisory Council, facilitate the annual meetings with company executives and Council members, draft agenda and record meetings minutes (usually twice a year). Global Sustain executives and select associates may participate in Stakeholder Advisory Councils. 

Internal CSR/Sustainability Committees
The Internal CSR/Sustainability Committees may be a formal Board Committee or an informal management function within a Company. Board members including the Chairman and/or the CEO may participate in Committee meetings, while external CSR/sustainability experts may by invited to participate on a regular and/or occasional basis. Such Committees refer directly to the Board and are responsible for drafting and monitoring sustainability strategy, non-financial reporting and sustainability regulatory compliance. Global Sustain may help a Company to structure the charter and compose its Internal CSR/Sustainability Committee, while Global Sustain executives may participate in such Committees as experts.

Membership Services
  • On-line services: In order to ensure effective communication of its members, Global Sustain owns and daily updates the popular portal, hosting articles, press releases, news, sustainability reports, interviews and research. Members have their own dedicated microsite and can utilise marketing and communication tools such as videos, podcasts, banners, mail shots and social media to raise awareness of their sustainability strategy, policies, reports and programmes. This information is also distributed through a partnership network comprised of multiple leading organisations within the sustainability and corporate responsibility sector. Click here for the corporate membership fees and benefits.
  • Newsletter: Committed to timely inform stakeholders on sustainability issues, Global Sustain publishes an electronic newsletter highlighting the latest news, trends, research and events on sustainability. The newsletter includes the latest developments, press releases, interviews, viewpoints, announcements, presentations, videos, podcasts, and other information of Global Sustain corporate and non-corporate members. The newsletter is distributed to thousands "opt-in" subscribers, including CEOs and senior managers, business leaders, consumers, local and public authorities, academic institutions, journalists, opinion formers, decision makers and non-governmental organisations. This informative newsletter is not only a trusted source of market intelligence but also offers Global Sustain members a valuable tool to effectively reach out to their stakeholders.
  • New media services: Global Sustain offers new and cutting-edge digital services aiming at effectively communicate its members’ sustainability efforts and provide opportunities for networking. Via its social media presence (facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube), Global Sustain facilitates a constant and constructive dialogue among its stakeholders, through daily news uploads, innovative applications, and at the same time undertakes projects for developing and managing social media pages.
  • Members-to-Members: Global Sustain offers extensive networking among its members through its Members-to-Members (M2M) service.
  • On-line Μ2Μ: This service allows corporate members to communicate new, innovative and sustainable services and products, collaborative synergies or mutually beneficial projects to a targeted audience through the portal. We disseminate information and initiate networking using a combination of ourwebsite and direct email alerts to selected members and stakeholders in our sustainability database.
  • M2M meetings: In M2M meetings, members can present their products, services, strategy and best practices related to sustainability to other Global Sustain members. These meetings create excellent networking opportunities, encourage and inspire members and promote the exchange of best practices
  • Brunch with Global Sustain: Global Sustain offers its members the opportunity to learn about sustainability developments and network, through monthly brunch meetings.
  • Conferences-Exhibitions-Events: Global Sustain organises, co-organises, pro-actively supports and participates in local and international conferences, exhibitions and events, in order to effectively communicate its members’ sustainability policies and programmes and deliver market intelligence and know-how to its members on a number of important issues related to sustainability.

Services include:
  • Targeted networking with executives, companies, organisations and other entities
  • Preparation and dissemination of feedback reports on international events
  • Complimentary invitations and discounts for members
  • Distribution of members’ corporate material
  • Extensive and regular update on events.
  • Sustainability Forum
Every year, Global Sustain organises the Sustainability Forum - A training, networking and professional development event. The Forum provides hands on experience and practical knowledge through specialised workshops and brings together prominent speakers and top sustainability experts from all around the world (

NGO annual funding
At the end of each fiscal year, as part of our corporate responsibility policy, Global Sustain finances non-profit projects carried out by non-corporate members, with the aim of funding specific social, environmental or other needs in the citizen sector. To date, 16 charitable projects have been financed, through an electronic voting procedure and the opinion of a NGO Project Funding Committee. This policy is part of the company’s values and aims at promoting and supporting the work of its NGO members with social and environmental impact.