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 Global Sustain ReMembers 2020
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Global Sustain ReMembers 2019
Special Edition by Global Sustain
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Yearbook series aim at highlighting critical sustainability issues and constitute a catalyst for constructive dialogue and positive change. This annual global publication is trusted by top companies and important stakeholders from all around the world. Each year, Global Sustain selects a topic of universal interest relevant to the people-planet-profit concept and analyses all the aspects through the views of internationally renowned personalities, business leaders, politicians, visionaries and academia. Industry opinion formers and decision makers across the world contribute with policy and business intelligence to the publication, while leading corporations showcase their best practices and flagship products and services in the sustainability field. The hard copy publication is presented every year in special events and venues, with high level participants and is distributed to more than 50 countries.

The Yearbook 2016/2017 “The Energy (R)evolution”  is also available as an ebook.

This 10th year's carbon neutral edition was established in collaboration with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), UN Sustainable Energy for All, World Energy Council, European Commission, etc. In the face of a growing global population and the increase in energy demand, one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century is meeting our energy needs in a sustainable way. The yearbook focuses on the evolution and challenges of the energy market that impact on the climate, geopolitics and world economy, aiming to navigate and better understand our energy future. 














The Yearbook 2015/16 "Sustainable Consumption and Production: Towards a Circular Economy" is also available as an ebook.


The company is preparing the ninth Yearbook edition in collaboration with the SwitchMed and the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production of the UNEP. In times where material wealth is cherished, global population is rising and there is ever-growing consumption, the process by which products and services are delivered to our doors needs to embrace a sustainable model. On the other hand, decisions and actions taken by consumers may have a serious impact on the environment. The challenge is to manage these interdependencies in a way that human development advances without causing harm to the environment and our planetary boundaries. Circular economy maximises the business potential to transform environmental challenges into economic opportunities, innovation, and better life quality.


The Yearbook 2015/16 "Sustainable Consumption and Production: Towards a Circular Economy" is also available as an ebook.

Yearbook 2014/15 "The Power of Collaboration" 
Seven years passed since Global Sustain presented its first Yearbook, triggering a global discussion regarding important sustainability issues. This year, Global Sustain chose the theme “The Power of Collaboration” since partnerships are more than ever needed in order to address universal challenges. Global developments and expectations in economy, environment and technology sectors are among the factors that promote the formation of partnerships, since individual organisations cannot act alone. These partnerships come in many forms, ranging from alliances between businesses and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), to goverments and civil society and they create shared value for all stakeholders.

The Yearbook 2014/15 "The Power of Collaboration" is also available as an ebook.
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Yearbook 2013/14 "Beyond Borders" 
In face of shifting economies and global needs and after six years of consecutive publishing success, Global Sustain once more lays the foundations for a constructive dialogue, highlighting critical issues. This year, Global Sustain chose for its 7th Yearbook the theme "Beyond Borders", because today more than ever the intensifying globalisation of the world’s economies has made extroversion and international business involvement particularly relevant in terms of national and global prosperity.

The Yearbook 2013/14 "Beyond Borders" 
 is also available as an ebook.
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Yearbook 2012/13 "Innovation for Excellence" 
After five years of publishing success, Global Sustain is once again paving the way for constructive dialogue among key stakeholders regarding a highly important and global issue. Global Sustainchose for its 6th Yearbook the theme "Innovation for Excellence", because more than ever today's local and global challenges call for innovative solutions in technological, social and sustainable issues. 

The Yearbook 2012/13 "Innovation for Excellence" was officially presented at a special event held at the European Parliament, on June 26 and at PLOTO, Athens on July 3.

The Yearbook 2012/13 "Innovation for Excellence" is also available as an ebook.
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The fifth Yearbook 2011/12 entiteld "Leadership for Sustainability", aimed at highlighting critical issues and helping galvanise public opinion into positive action. Global Sustain chose this year's theme, "Leadership for Sustainability", because leadership, more than ever, is needed to create a more just, sustainable, economically viable and thriving world. In challenging times such as these, where the world is changing, and changing fast, leadership for sustainability cannot be considered a "luxury" but a necessity. Each sector of the global economy and each corporation and organisation, regardless of its size or geographic reach, needs to provide for the next generations to come. Global Sustain held a special event at the National Library of Greece to present its fifth annual album "Leadership for Sustainability". A high-profile line-up of top experts, business leaders, decision-makers and academia from 16 countries on three continents contributed to Global Sustain's publication, which each year is read by key stakeholders in more than 50 countries.

The Yearbook 2011/12 "Leadership for Sustainability" is also available as an ebook
If you wish to order copies of the Yearbook 2011/12 "Leadership for Sustainability, please find here the order form.

In 2010, following three consecutive years of publishing success, Global Sustain published its fourth album entitled "The Future of Responsible Investing". It was the 1st album published in English. The 4th Yearbook aims at:
  • highlighting the growing importance of sustainable and responsible investing world-wide;
  • publishing corporate profiles, CEO messages, success stories, case studies and best practices of leading sustainability-driven companies;
  • informing key stakeholders from around the world on the latest trends, research, indices and intelligence related to the future of responsible investing;
  • publishing messages and viewpoints of top experts, decision-makers, policy formers, investors, CEOs, analysts as well as a Nobel Peace Laureate regarding this highly-important and challenging subject.
The Yearbook 2010 "The Future of Responsible Investing" was presented in the capitals ofCyprus (at the Hilton Park Nicosia Hotel on June 1, 2011), Greece (at the Old Athens Stock Exchange Hall on June 5, 2011) and the United Kingdom (at the Grange St. Paul's Hotel in London on November 11, 2011).

Should you wish to receive copies of Yearbook 2010, please find here the order form.

The Yearbook 2009 "It's a matter of culture" focusing on the importance of corporate culturewas presented at the historic Old Parliament Building in central Athens and was attended by Global Sustain's members,  partners, friends, and stakeholders as well as special guests, contributing authors and academics, media representatives as well as CEOs and senior executives of companies that were  featured in the annual publication. 


The Yearbook 2008 "Prassein Elloga - Sustainability & Green Development - Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation" was presented in a celebrative spirit at theAthens Ledra Marriott Hotel and was attended by Global Sustain's corporate and non-corporate members, numerous CEOs and senior executives of companies that were showcased in the publication, contributing authors and scientists, journalists, publishers as well as the Ambassador of Japan to Greece, among many other delegates. 

The Yearbook 2007 entitled "The Spirit of the Forest - The response of the corporate world to the catastrophic fires of 2007" was presented at the University of Indianapolis Cultural Centre (Goulandris-Horn Foundation) in Plaka, central Athens and attended by Global Sustain's members, numerous corporate leaders, the media, contributing authors and academics as well as Greece's Deputy Minister of Development, the Ambassador of the United States of America to Greece, and the Mayor of "Sugar Town" (Zacharo), which of all Greek fire-stricken towns and villages experienced the biggest number of civilian losses.