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Development and continuous maintenance (by Global Sustain) of a unique, English-language micro site ѴѴ
Publication of news (press releases, announcements, events, interviews, viewpoints, brief bios, YouTube videos, podcasts, presentations, etc.) 1 Unlimited
Profiles (social, environmental, sustainability, etc.)ѴѴ
Archive (photo gallery such as JPEG, GIF, etc.) 1
Archive (files such as Word, PDF, PPT, XLS, PSD, etc.) 1
Multimedia Archive (podcasts, MP3, YouTube videos) 1
Publication of (annual) electronic activity  Report - Ѵ
Publication of Members-to-Members (M2M) announcements (presentation of products/services, business/investment opportunities, partnership opportunities, special offers to Global Sustain's members, etc.) - 2
Publication of NGO news on Sustain and - -
Logo on the Global Sustain home page (in the featured NGO box; positioning depending on membership package) -Ѵ
Rotating banner throughout the Global Sustain portal
(banner dimension: 120 * 90 pixels)
- 1 week
Publication of featured news on the home page (red or green bar)- 1 week
Inclusion of NGO news, miscellaneous news and YouTube videos in Global Sustain's fortnightly e-newsletter2 Ѵ
Static (non-rotating) banner inside Global Sustain's fortnightly e-newsletter (banner dimension: 120 * 90) - 1
Google Map Ѵ Ѵ
Off-line Services

Discount on being featured in the "Yearbook"
(published every June)
- 15%
Discount on ordering (additional copies of) the "Yearbook" - 15%
Discounts on selected seminars, events and special publications in Europe, offered by Global Sustain's partners (on some occasions, participation in selected seminars and events  will be offered to Global Sustain's members free of charge)-Ѵ
Help desk provided by Global Sustain staff members (events, campaigns, initiatives, programmes, best practices, reports, ideas, etc.)-Ѵ

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** Excluding Value Added Tax (VAT), where applicable.