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Alliance for Greece

Alliance for Greece

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Zeno of Elea 10 Maroussi, 15123 Athens, Greece

The ALLIANCE FOR GREECE supports Authentic 36th Marathon Athens

12.11.2018 Share

The ALLIANCE FOR GREECE supported the 36th Authentic Marathon Athens 2018 that was for another year a celebration of sport, culture, society. Spectators of all ages had flooded early on Sunday morning the stands Panathinaikos Stadium waiting for the first runners to finish.
Thousands of people had the opportunity to get a starting place in the 36th Athens Marathon, the authentic and live a unique experience. Even families with babies in strollers, charitable groups, schools and companies gave "present" potential with banners and balloons greeted those terminated in racing and with rhythmic applause greeted the winners of each route confirming that the Marathon of Athens is a big celebration. 
Emotion climate prevailed when residents of disaster-stricken areas formed a human chain along the route wearing black shirts and posting banners with slogans through which they asked the runners, and the media covering the event not to forget them. When the runners went through the green archway mark the moment when you had to wear a green scarf under the "Forest Runners" program aimed even with the temporary passage of the runners to give green color in affected regions, although residents lined with intent to protest they did not stop a moment to animate the sliders with applause. But moving was the reaction of runners who with scarves or hands, or worn on the head,
The rate did not fall after the top moment- the world premiere of Hymn Marathon composed by George Theofanous and end the winner of the 36th Athens Marathon's Original. The world continued to reach the stadium, welcoming and applauding those who have managed to cross the finish line. 
The great race this year was accompanied by a good performance from both foreign and from the Greek champions. The Brimin half (Kenya) was the winner in the race with 2 hours 10.56, performance that was very close to the track record (2.10.37). The athlete for some time in the race moved to performance under the record, but in the end failed to improve. The Tesfa Torounech (Ethiopia) was second with 2.12.52 and Azmerav Tsereme (Ethiopia) third with 2.13.20. Great performances and made the Greek champions, who once again confirmed that the long distances are on the rise. Kostas Gkelaouzos (PAO) as last year and this year finished first, only this season combined victory with a new personal best. Our champion finished in 2.21.54 and left on the story 2.21.55, that was in 2016 in Ntiselnotrf. The Gkelaouzos managed to achieve a personal best on the original route, which is considered if not the most difficult one of the toughest on the planet. Christopher PARTY, stable value in sport, managed this year to be an actor and 2.23.43 to occupy the second position. Personal best and achieved the third ranking, Panagiotis Karaiskos, who finished in 2.23.53 and achieved a new personal record, after improved 2.25.37 Berlin.
Fantastic was the debut of Liberty Petroulaki marathon. The athlete of AO Mykonos finished in 2.46.09, performance that gave the victory to the National Championship and third place overall. The Petroulaki, despite the fact that he had no experience in event managed to make good power management and reach the finish first. In second place finished Stefania Leontiadou (AO Maroussi Cursor) with 2.48.54 and third Fotini Dagli - Pagkoto (AO Callistus) in 2.50.09 and new personal record. Winning the women won the Niavoura Mouriouki (Kenya) to 2.36.46 and the second Tserono Koech (Kenya) to 2.38.54.
The curtain came down just after 17.30 when the race finished and the last marathon, which was welcomed by the president of the Athletics Federation, Costas Panagopoulos and honorably awarded the medal. This is the Nancy Polanko a native of the Dominican Republic, which has run the marathon in New York, but it was the first time he ran in Athens. Clearly surprised and touched by the fervent reception said it was a dream to run in the classic route and despite the difficulties mainly faced with the uphill is determined to allow Athens. After the reception of the last Marathonodromou president of Athletics Federation, Costas Panagopoulos, thanked all the participants and partners for success in the 36th Marathon of Athens and renewed the appointment with runners for 2019.