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CEO Clubs Greece

CEO Clubs Greece

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Since: 18.10.2013

7b, Digeni Str., GR-166 73 Voula, Athens, Greece

CEO Clubs Greece: The Organization of the Future – The CEO view of what comes next

From: 22.11.2018 To: 22.11.2018 Share

Companies are evolving all the time: they grow, then split off into smaller parts, acquire and divest, innovate products, processes and services, adopt new technologies and engage differently with their customers and employees. And so, it has been for centuries.

But today, there are fundamental paradigm shifts that are forcing companies to reinvent themselves. Regardless of past success, disruptive forces are rendering company and industrywide structures and business models obsolete and profoundly altering the way we work and how companies create value.

22 November, Anais Club, Ktima Ariadni, Varibobi

Join us to learn what is the next phase of this evolution.

Through the perspectives of global CEOs and C-Suite executives, we will discuss:

What will the organization of the future need to look like, need to act like, to be successful? What are the implications for the workforce, but specifically for leadership and talent? Where will it be sourced, what skills will be needed and how will companies manage this evolving workforce?

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