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CEO Clubs Greece

CEO Clubs Greece

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7b, Digeni Str., GR-166 73 Voula, Athens, Greece

CEO Clubs Book: 10 Years CEO Clubs Greece - Leading from Ground Zero

13.01.2020 Share

The economic recession of the last decade has left an indelible mark in the Greek business world.

Key business sectors, such as trade, constructions, banking, industry and even tourism experienced severe operational and financial shocks. The public policies implemented to manage recession, significantly altered the conditions under which enterprises operated, with severe effects on business planning and decision making.

But this did not only have a negative impact. In the midst of uncertainty disruptive start-ups were born, new entrepreneurial activity was noticed, while innovative business approaches designed new roadmaps to success. Notions such as leadership agility, design thinking and future oriented mindset were introduced, changing the old way of business thinking and operating.

There have been various publications and reports on the numerical footprint of the last decade. But there has been none that reveals the human aspect behind the systemic failures or successes.

And hence, there has been nothing with the power to unveil the unfair anonymity of this strong community of leaders by virtue and not by title, who continued working against the odds, making risky choices and taking hard decisions because they had to keep up and not give up leading from ground zero.

This is the story of this book:  A story of purpose, courage and creativity. A story of those who managed to proactively adopt to a new normal, regain clarity and focus, maintain emotional control, boost collaboration, insist on customer centricity and redefine trust to a better future.

This is a tribute to all leaders who offered us business cases and success stories, that changed our perception of what was possible, feasible and within our reach.

This is the story of CEO Clubs Greece.

This is the story of our proud members.

We would like to thank the organizations that have supported the production of this book, contributing as: 

DIAMOND PARTNERS: Accenture, Generation Y – International eBusiness Experts
GOLDEN PARTERS: Bausch Health Hellas, COSMOTE e-Value, Stirixis Group, Synergy
SILVER PARTNERS: Arval Hellas S.A., CWT, Goldair Handling, Signify Hellas S.A., Weber Shandwick
SUPPORTERS: AGT Group, AIG Hellas, Focus Bari, Global Sustain Group, Marine Tours, Megaplast, MSD, Pernod Ricard Hellas