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The Smile of the Child

The Smile of the Child

Member: NGO Premium
Since: 26.10.2009
Voluntary Children's Association

10, Zinonos Eleatou Street, GR-151 24 Maroussi, Athens, Greece

Awareness & Aid Campaign In Greece And Abroad On The 25th Year Anniversary Of

24.11.2020 Share

Awareness & Aid Campaign In Greece And Abroad
On The 25th Year Anniversary Of "The Smile Of The Child"

This year "The Smile of the Child" celebrates 25 years of continuous service in support of more than 1.700.000 children and their families.  
The Organization is launching an awareness campaign to inform the Greek people and International Organizations about its work and to generate funds and support to continue to serve. 

Starting on November 9th and for a whole year, "The Smile of the Child" will carry out an information journey about its multidimensional work. The wide spectrum and the variety of solutions that the Organization provides to the increasing needs of children, families and the society in general, has now developed so much that many still probably may not know.   

We want everyone to be aware of the services we provide children and families in order to utilize them in a time of need. We also need to motivate those that help us to continue their support so we can continue our important mission.

In the 25 years since our founding, "The Smile of the Child" has:

● supported a total of 1.728.626 children and their families
● cared for 850 children in its 11 Homes
● responded to 4.280.392 calls in the 3 Helplines that the Organization operates  
● addressed the Health needs of 268.979   
● acted to shield 1.224.925 children from Violence and Abuse
● supported 1.728 children in the field of Disappearance
● assisted 143.667 children and their families living in Poverty

None of the former would have been made possible, if we did not have the precious support of:

● more than 15.000 sponsors  
● a network of 12.500 volunteers
● thousands of professionals in public administration and services, who serve with a high sense of responsibility and care

It's been 25 years since 10-year-old Andreas Yannopoulos came up with the idea "The Smile of the Child" in his diary.

We will keep informing you on our online and offline activities, both in Greece and abroad. Stay tuned! 

You may watch a special video that our President Mr. Yannopoulos dedicated to his son and founder of our Organization here (

Would you be willing to support our Mission? Please join us here:

● Crowdfunding
● Internet / Bank deposit