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Member: Silver
Since: 30.04.2013
Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A.

20, Perraivou & 5, Kallirrois Street, GR-117 43 Athens, Greece


The investments on “Smart Grids”, implemented by HEDNO, allow for the bigger and more efficient integration of the Renewable Energy Sources into the energy balance, significantly contributing to the decrease of air pollutant emissions and the, subsequent, improvement of the quality of life.

HEDNO’s operational planning and its strategic projects lead at fast paces to the zero carbon economy and the achievement of climate targets set at a national but also at a European level.

HEDNO’s comprehensive plan for Electromobility shall contribute to the decrease of CO2 emissions in the transportation sector, generating positive impacts on the health, environment and economy.

By intensely modernizing the Network, leading to a considerable increase in the penetration of the Renewable Energy Sources (RES), HEDNO shall decisively contribute to the decrease of the adverse environmental impact per capita in the cities.

Another priority for HEDNO is to avert the loss of biodiversity and protect threatened species. Through the cooperation with competent bodies and organizations, it protects the networks in locations where rare species of birds live, implementing significant interventions and adopting new technologies.

It intensively cares for the safe transit and staying of migratory species through/in our country and closely cooperates with NGOs to care for the wildlife in our country. At the same time, it implements actions for the protection of natural wealth, such as tree cutting and cleaning soil vegetation for forest protection.

The “aesthetic” protection of the environment is another key target, with priority given to the construction of underground networks in traditional settlements or settlements of special interest (in terms of culture or tourism).