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Since: 15.12.2006

26, Kifissias Avenue & 2, Paradissou Street, GR-151 25 Maroussi, Athens, Greece


Social Responsibility
Our commitment for social responsibility is based on our vision of becoming the most respected company throughout the world. We recognise that the long-term and sustainable growth of our company has to be based on achievement of our "System's" goals in each one of the following focal points.

As a corporate citizen, we consider that contributing in the awakening of the responsibility that everyone should feel towards society and towards oneself, is our priority. It is our aim to contribute in forming the best conditions for improving quality of life. In line with this corporate philosophy we are continuously practicing increased responsibility in vital social areas, such as the environment, culture and education, as well as health and wellness of citizens.

Our main objective is to Make Our World a Little Bit Better.

Our commitment to the environment is reflected by a number of actions and strategies, focused in its protection and preservation, since the environment is one of the main factors to reassure high quality in our lives.

In the context of our environmental strategy, our company proceeded with the following actions:

  • Recycling campaign during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.
  • Use of Environmental friendly refrigeration systems (HFC).
  • Co-operation with the Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage.
  • Participation to the environmentally-friendly organisation of Ecolife exhibition.
  • Grand Sponsor of Arcturos 2006.
  • Grand Sponsor of the Athens Marathon 2006.

In the field of culture, we have successfully accomplished the programme "Olive, the Tree of Athens", which begun within the framework of our CSR programme during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.


  • Sponsorship of The Book "Be The Champion Of Life", Edited By The International Foundation Of Olympic And Sport Education.
  • Sponsorship Of The Educational Programme "The Stranger, The Other, The Different" As Well As The Publication "Brocolli TV".

Since 2005, Coca-Cola implements in Greece an innovative educational programme, the "Allaxe Stasi Mpes Sti Drasi - Change Tactic, Get Active", under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity and International Foundation of Olympic and Sports Education. Also, this programme is placed in the context of a National Programme for the Development of Social Responsibility promoted from QualityNet Foundation.

The programme's aim is to rouse a responsible behavior towards ourselves and the society, in vital matters such as health, environment and culture.

The programme focuses on the health sector, balanced nutrition and physical activity, in an attempt to meet the European Platform for Diet, Physical Activity and Health, regarding the problem of obesity.

The programme includes a number of actions:

  • TV educational campaign aired on the mass media.
  • The "Neighborhood of Action," where children through a number of educational activities and games understand the importance of balanced nutrition and physical activity in their lives.
  • Educational Programme for A-level students, which promotes the right nutrition and activity models.
  • Organization of Educational sessions in Schools and Summer Camps, regarding Balanced Nutrition and Physical Activity.
  • Puppet show promoting messages about balanced nutrition and physical activity, based on the concept and heroes of the TV campaign.
  • Internet-based game through which kids can learn the importance of the energy balance.

Social contribution

  • Annual organisation of the event "Magic Christmas and Carols," the profits of which are donated to organisations that support kids, such as "SOS Children's Villages" and "Mazi gia to Paidi".
  • Support of the Oncology Department of the “Aghia Sophia” Children's Hospital.